July 28, 2017

The final instalment of the cult-popular Cornetto Trilogy—starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, directed by Edgar Wright, and produced by Nira Park—is a sci-fi invasion story aptly named The World’s End. Gary King (Pegg) ropes in his old school friends...

January 22, 2016


By perennial rom-com writer/director Richard Curtis, About Time is a cynicism-free movie about a young man who uses his inherited powers of time travel to find life-long love and happiness.


Living an idyllic life with his close-knit family by the se...

November 7, 2015

Another comic masterpiece of idiosyncratic Americana by the Coen brothers, Inside Llewyn Davisspends a week in the life of sorry bastard Llewyn Davis, a character inspired by real-life, 1960s folk singer Dave Von Ronk. And what a bastard Llewyn truly...

September 18, 2015


I hesitate to recommend the most disturbing character study I’ve ever seen on film yet there is something about the very NSFW Filth that has stuck in my mind ever since I caught it on Netflix some months ago. It is the brash Scottish-ness about it,...

July 17, 2015

Locke is a low-budget, high-concept thriller starring a bearded, Welsh-accented Tom Hardy and a BMW with hands-free phone capabilities. As the titular construction foreman, Ivan Locke, Hardy spends the whole hour and a half drive/movie managing his c...

April 3, 2015

Based on a French graphic novel, Snowpiercer is a fresh take on the post-apocalyptic film with an indelibly ambiguous ending that acts as a litmus test for determining if you are an optimist or pessimist. The premise of the story is that a small perc...

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Hi! I'm Rose. I'm a major cinephile. I love to watch films, talk about them, analyze them in-depth, and find out what others think too! Read my film blog and see the world through rose-tinted glasses!


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