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Conversations on Anime - Guest Blogging for Project 40

This is a very special post as I have just finished a month-long series of guest blog posts for Project 40 Collective. Project 40 is a Toronto-based collective and platform for Asian-Canadian artists and writers. Throughout May 2016, I was in conversation with fellow creatives and movie lovers Abby and Amanda on the topic of Japanese animation. We watched and reacted to four movies with very different visual styles, stories, and symbolism. You can find our thoughts on the Project 40 blog via the links below:

Tekkonkinkreet (2006) - Black and White are two young brothers with supernatural powers who roam and rule Treasure Town. When the yakuza steps in on their turf, the boys face challenges from outside and within. Tekkonkinkreet features a bold and eclectic visual style.

Ghost in the Shell (1995) - This sci-fi noir is set in a future where cyborgism is prevalent and highly advanced. Major Motoko Kusanagi hunts down a cyberterrorist named the Puppetmaster while also questioning her own state of existence. A (controversial) remake starring Scarlett Johansson while be released in 2017.

Paprika (2006) - The barrier between the worlds of dreams and reality is bent and broken when special dream-viewing technology is stolen. Paprika's namesake character, a red-headed psychologist who decodes dreams, investigates the case by journeying into people's unconscious minds. This film was a big influence on 2010's Inception.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya (2013) - A recent release by Studio Ghibli, this quaint folktale is about a girl who was planted in a stalk of bamboo by the moon. The child is found by a humble bamboo cutter and grows up to become a beautiful princess, but living with the trappings of nobility leads to her aching for the simpler time of her youth. Kaguya is an outstanding masterpiece of traditional cel animation.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your related thoughts on anime below!

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