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New Year, New Rating System!

Happy New Year! As we clear away the shambles of 2016 for the fresh slate of 2017, a new rating system will be implemented for film and television reviews on Rose-Coloured Ray-Bans. For the past two years, a simple five-star rating was included at the bottom of each review post. I had fun personalizing the stars with more relevant options, such as nuts and bolts for Modern Times and ambulatory robots for Interstellar. Of course, the old rating system was also based on my personal reactions to the film.

Old Rating System:

1 = an affront to the senses

2 = merely bad

3 = average

4 = very good

5 = phenomenal; must-see

Now for 2017 and onwards, I will be using a more comprehensive system to critique films. Key components of each movie will be analyzed for their own merit instead of a work being viewed holistically and given a singular rating. Points will still be given out of a possible five for each category and an overall average score will be tallied up at the end.

New Rating System:

Directing: (1 = trite; 5 = unique)

Story: (1 = boring; 5 = funny/engrossing)

Acting: (1 = terrible; 5 = phenomenal)

Dialogue: (1 = dumb; 5 = sharp)

Editing: (1 = bad; 5 = innovative)

Visuals (Settings, Costumes, CGI): (1 = unconsidered; 5 = meticulous)

Music/Score: (1 = forgettable; 5 = amazing)

Overall Average:

Hopefully, this new system will help you, my dear readers, decide on things to watch and make it clearer why and how I rate things the way I do. Have fun assigning your own scores to classics and new releases in 2017!

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