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My Interview with Roger and James Deakins

I was honoured to conduct an interview with the esteemed cinematographer Roger Deakins about his podcast Team Deakins, which he launched with his wife and frequent collaborator James last year.

This written work means a lot to me as a long-time film lover and a big fan of Deakins' filmography. He has shot some of my all-time favourite movies, including Sicario and Blade Runner 2049, plus classics like The Shawshank Redemption and 1984. He received his second Oscar last year for the one-take war movie 1917. The Team Deakins podcast is a series of conversations with guests mainly working in many different roles in the film industry, but especially in production. It is both entertaining and rich in information. I highly recommend it!

The interview is published on the Toronto Film Critics Association's website and can be read here: Please enjoy!



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